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Recruiting Services for Companies
Resume Writing & Job Interview Coaching for Job Seekers
Vancouver, BC, Canada

iLink Global Recruiting Inc. , a recruitment services consulting company, led and managed by one of
Vancouver's Most Trusted Recruiters, RIA INDUCIL-ABESAMIS, caters to organizations with recruitment
challenges in the areas of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, sales, business development, marketing,
human resources and management.  You are in the right place if you are a... 
Company / Employer Looking to Hire
 Candidate Who Needs Help with Resume Writing & Interviewing or An Applicant Looking for Work
SPLIT Recruiter
YOU: "I am a Recruiter and I could use some help with my current mandates.  I can also help you fill positions you are having difficulties with." 
YOU: "I am looking for a stellar candidate for a position in my organization.  I need somebody who presents a GREAT FIT to the JOB, the COMPENSATION PLAN and my Company's CULTURE." 
YOU: "I am looking for an Amazing Long-Term CAREER OPPORTUNITY."
YOU: "I am looking to develop / improve my resume.  I need help with my job search and preparing for interviews."
Healthcare | Pharmaceuticals | Medical Sales | B2B Sales |Academic |Marketing | Human Resources 
iLink Global Recruiting Inc. works in partnership with local and international organizations with recruitment challenges in the areas of Healthcare Practice and Management, Pharmaceutical Sales and Business Development, Marketing or Research Management, Human Resources and B2B Sales.

With more than a decade's exposure to recruitment, training and management, we are committed to helping our clients fill their open positions, by using unconventional sourcing methods and customized recruitment processes all while charging reasonable placement fees that come with a replacement guarantee. 
If you are in a position to hire and are having difficulties, we are here to help you.  

Ria Inducil - Abesamis
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